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Keyboard Gaming Fantech K 612 Soldier


  • ergonomic design, feel extremely comfortable black metal appearance fashion savings keys: 104 keys to support 19 keys without conflict, responsive
  • RGB light gorgeous visual enjoyment of 9 kinds of light effect for heart! two-color injection keycap, durable
  • Keyboard shell pure black metal, anti-riot anti-violence, simple high-grade texture High keycap design, perfect mechanical feel, 19 key with no conflict, a touch to stimulate!
  • Full copper braided wire, card bit design life of a long time, anti-pull. Working voltage: DC4.5-5.3V Application: Desktop, Lapto
  • Material: aluminum alloy Axis Body: Black Switch Color: Black Interface Type: USB Type: Wired Cable length: 1.6 (m) keyboard size: 450 (W) * 152 (L) * 44 (H) mm